Where is Sarsala Bay?


Sarsala Bay, located in the Dalaman district of Muğla, is one of the paradise corners to be seen with its virgin nature and peaceful clear sea. This magnificent bay, which is about 15 km away from the district center of Dalaman, amazes those who see it with its unspoiled structure and beauty. Offering its visitors a variety of activities from beach volleyball to forest walking and relaxing on the clean beach, Sarsala Bay also stands out as one of the popular routes of blue cruises and boat trips. In this article, we have prepared a detailed guide about the location of Sarsala Bay, where pine trees embrace the clean sea, transportation options and activities to do in the region.

What Does Sarsala Bay Offer You?

Sarsala Bay, which is connected to the Kapukargın Village of Dalaman, is a natural wonder bay about 15 km away from the district center. In addition to a long and clean beach of the same name, there is also a clear and usually waveless azure sea in the bay. Although the beach is slightly stony, it is one of the most convenient locations for swimming in the clean sea and enjoying the unique nature. Since this bay, which is usually quiet, calm, stands out especially because of its virginity, there is no accommodation or camping opportunity in the area. For this reason, it is best to go to the bay, where it is forbidden to camp, set up a tent or stay with a caravan, at certain time intervals and enjoy the magnificent beauty.

The bay, which attracts attention with its deep blue sea and virgin nature, is also a popular refuge point for boat and yacht tourism, especially due to its calm and peaceful structure. Many boats and luxury yachts docking at bay prefer this road for a direct connection to the airport. Since the taxi facilities in the region have also developed, it is easier to establish connections from the surrounding cities and regions through the airport. In addition, parking facilities in the area make Sarsala Bay suitable for day visits.

When to Visit Sarsala Bay?

Sarsala Bay, which attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists, is the only bay that can be reached by land from Dalaman. For this reason, it turns into a very crowded area during summer holidays and weekends. Although the beauty of the bay is another in every season, the most suitable visiting interval for those who plan a quiet holiday may be weekdays or seasons when the season is low. Especially in May and September, you can visit the bay and enjoy more of the wonderful scenery and untouched nature.

Sarsala Bay Entrance Fee

Since Sarsala Bay is a sheltered area, you have to pay some fee to enter the bay. In this way, you can benefit from various facilities such as toilet, shower, changing room and lifeguard. At the same time, there are various eating and drinking places on the beach that offer different affordable options. In the bay, where the price per person is determined as 10 TL for 2022 by Dalaman Municipality, a small fee of 20 TL is required for umbrellas and sunbeds.

How to get to Sarsala Bay?

Sarsala Bay is a holiday destination located in Kapukargın Village, Dalaman district of Muğla Province. There is a direct road access to the region and for this you need to go to Dalaman district first. Sarsala Bay, which is very close to Dalaman Airport, can be reached by taxi, minibus or personal car in about half an hour. You can reach the bay quite easily due to the increased public transport facilities provided by the municipality during the summer months. When providing transportation with your own vehicle, it is enough to follow the Sarsala signs from the center of Dalaman. However, it should be noted that the road on which there are great viewing areas is provided from a very winding and sharp route.

Activities in Sarsala Bay

Sarsala Bay is an ideal location for summer tourism with its clean nature and clear sea. Since there are more than one viewing area in the area covered with pine trees, just sitting and watching the beauty of nature is an activity in itself. However, the bay, which is open to daily visits, serves especially for summer tourism purposes such as swimming, sunbathing and beach volleyball. Due to the cleanliness of the waters, it also functions as a popular location for snorkeling or scuba diving. However, there is a tiny pier at the end of the bay and this pier provides easy land connection for those who prefer yacht tourism, as well as the opportunity to enter the sea comfortably for visitors.

The bay, which faces the east and has a sheltered structure due to its location between the mountains, usually does not receive wind and its waters are calm even on the windiest days. For this reason, it is often visited by families with children and those who want to spend a long time in the sea. The pine forests surrounding it offer both great views and a mini trekking opportunity for visitors who want to spend time in nature and explore the region.

You can spend a pleasant day by visiting Sarsala Bay, one of the paradise corners of Turkey. While you have come here where transportation is very easy, you can also get the chance to see other bays in the vicinity by participating in daily boat tours.

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