Isn’t your ad getting enough attention?


Isn’t your ad getting enough attention? 502.788 housing advertisements for sale. 419,054 apartments. Of these, 116,292 are listed in Istanbul. The data I share is dated 10.10.2021 and belongs to the site. If you are selling your real estate in Istanbul and you still have not found a buyer, your chances are 1 in 116,000. With so much real estate in mind, it’s of course possible to make your ad stand out. How? Let’s examine it together…

From the owner, from the Real estate agency, from the Construction Company and from the Bank. There are many different categories where listings can be listed. So, which one is your property listed in? If you are looking for a house in Besiktas Arnavutköy, you should choose a “real estate office”. Even if you don’t know this, many buyers looking for homes do.

Some regions find buyers from the owner, while some regions only buy from the real estate agent. We call this recognition of potential buyers. So, which one is your property listed in?

How familiar are you to the area?

When buyers decide to buy a property, they do a lot of research about the property. Most of the research is done through region analysis. For this very reason, it is useful to analyze the region where your real estate is located. The first ones that come to mind are the number of stock for sale in the region, the unit price of the region m2 and other properties that have been sold in the last 60 days. Which sets a precedent and which one is similar? You should research thoroughly, keeping this information ready for buyers. If you do not know how to reach them, you can examine the analysis screens on some real estate portals and sites broadcasting in Turkey and evaluate the statistical data of TURKSTAT. Conducting a region analysis will help you determine the price of your property accurately. My suggestion is to get professional support. If you agree with me, you can create a new request by clicking on the “free region analysis and valuation” link. As a result, professional execution of the works accelerates the process.

A photo is not just a “photo.”

Property owners who decide to sell their real estate start by taking photos. Of course you are not a photographer. You may have difficulty capturing the right light and angle. However, the right photography of a property has a huge impact on the marketing process. If you don’t get a good photo, your property will get much less attention than you expect. This will affect the number of opinions and visits and will make the sale difficult. I don’t mean when a real estate agent or real estate consultant comes home and takes pictures with his cell phone. Many real estate agents or real estate agents still photograph properties with their mobile phones. You do not have to pay a service fee to anyone for this. Photos account for 50% of sales. In order for us to talk about the sale of a property, it is essential that the property is photographed correctly. 

Buyers start researching the property they want to buy on their website. At this stage, the planned budget determines the odds of encountering your property. What if your property is priced incorrectly? That’s when you add one more person to the fleeing recipients.

Do not ask the neighbor, ask the professional agent.

If you own a property that meets the buyers’ criteria, you should get a 5/1000 bid. If you’re not getting any offers, I can tell you that something is wrong. Low or very low. It doesn’t matter. The real estate presented for sale is somehow getting an offer. Properties that do not receive offers are often priced incorrectly. The reason is simple “the neighbor’s house is smaller, since he writes this price, my house is worth this much.” here is an example of faulty pricing. In addition to this example, there are those who ask the neighbor the price of their house and determine it, I do not include them in this list at all.

It is important to get professional support when determining the price of your property for safe shopping. You can click here to create a free valuation request. Knowing the true value of your property can help you determine the right sales strategies.

Explain, but enough.

Ad title: Read the description. The description reads “Call for details.” How interested would you be in such an advertisement? Many property advertisements currently published contain these statements. You know, no one is looking for such advertisements. The reason is that he does not know the front and back. It is very important that you include explanations about your real estate. There are also those who do not use any paragraphs in the description to avoid the character limit. Avoid too much praise when writing descriptions in your ad. In this section, include important information about your property. Proximity and distance to nearby schools, public transport stops. Social facilities and health institutions. These are the first ones that come to mind. What are the advantages offered by your real estate?

Descriptions should be prepared in accordance with your target audience. Research the SES and Demographics of the landlords and tenants (Socioeconomic level) located in your area. Based on this information, you can determine who you can sell your property to and your target audience. When writing descriptions, do not paint the text and do not enlarge the letters. What you think is an important trait to you may mean nothing to someone else. Prefer plain and simple explanations. You can specify that information can be provided on the phone for parts that require very long explanations.

The honest seller attracts the honest buyer.

Never misspell information that will affect the value of your property. Real estate index and m2 price. Do not enlarge your house only so that the unit price of m2 meets each other. Many property owners list their property by typing incorrect m2 information. He says to those who ask why, the price should not seem high.

No matter how much your property costs, incorrect or inaccurate information always misses the buyer. When you offer your property for sale, the number of buyers you can reach will be limited. And you should conduct a correct and effective negotiation with buyers who contact you. The average negotiation time is 10 days. Keep in mind that a little bit of misinformation can waste that time. Even worse, you may have to start over and find new buyers.

List your property on various sites.

The features that your property has make up the level of competition. And the true value of your property, of course. I have just stated in the previous item that you should get the right price from the agent, not from the neighbor. Although the right priced properties reach more people, they take precedence in the rankings made according to the price. What I want to share here is that it is not cheap, but it is not expensive. Share your property on several real estate sites. You should make sure that the information and descriptions are written the same on all sites.

This article was written by M. Sami Vadet on July 16, 2022.

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