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Have you ever visited a “real estate office” recently? If you haven’t visited, you either don’t own real estate or believe you’ll sell your own property faster. The distrust you experience here is not to real estate agents, but to people / institutions that have no records and work in a pirated manner. 

According to research, 88% of first-time real estate buyers buy through a real estate office. The realized choices reveal the confidence of buyers in the market. On the one hand, property owners who are trying to sell more than their value, on the other side are buyers who want to buy cheaply. In such a case, sales closure takes place with the right negotiation. So, who will conduct this negotiation? Of course, Real estate agents or responsible real estate consultants…

Does the seller’s expense concern the buyer?

The worst negotiation results in expenses on property. While there is a property owner who prefers the most expensive in renovation, buyers who do not like what is done expensively come out. This is where the negotiation gets bogged down. Then the owner says, “Even if you pay that much, I won’t sell it to you”! When you talk about negotiation, you think like everyone else. Where are these successful negotiators? It has become very difficult to choose. Both domestic and international real estate, the number of real estate agency brands has increased so much that; guess which one to choose…

They are not deaf, they just do not speak the language.

Yes, we do not give it to the real estate agent, we will sell it ourselves without any justification. Yes, we don’t know any language. Somehow we will get along… Foreign buyers, who come many times, are fleeing because of communication problems that cannot be established. They do not speak the language, they are not deaf. The owner prefers to shout at the explorators. The buyer is rapidly moving away from the property… The property owner consoles himself because he was not a serious buyer.

The word flies, the written offer remains.

Apart from the failures in negotiation, there are also serious problems in getting offers. The owner of the property changes his mind quickly, the buyer does not know at all what to buy and for how much. If only there was an offer, the word would fly and the written offer would remain… When it comes to the sale of a property, written offers and the contract of sale are of great importance. Who will prepare this contract? Of course, not the property owner, but the lawyer or real estate agent…


To make a profit of 125.000,00 TRY in only 4 (four) weeks is only possible for the property owner who does not know the market. The app, called Fizbot, monitors the ads published through 3rd party app permissions and API usage. Many properties are valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds in just four weeks. There is nothing reflected in the account, the owner of the property does not know its value. To callers, “Thank you, we don’t give it to the real estate agent. We’re going to sell it ourselves.” The sales process never ends. Because the seller does not know the value of what he sells.

You can visit it now. Now you know what a real estate office means and what it does. The right pricing goes through the marketing price of the property. Negotiation and sales closing are also among the sine qua non. What if you can’t sell it? What if the buyer does not come out? You know if the sale of your property is for urgent sale. Now the appraisal is free. Regardless of your sales setup, you should meet with an expert real estate consultant and have a price appraisal done. Cheap or expensive, or is it worth it? Make the choice that suits your choice now, call a real estate consultant.

You can now identify the right agent to sell to at your value. If you are interested in this article, you can find more information at KULER REAL ESTATE INC. TOUR. LTD. Corp.

This article was written by M. Sami Vadet on July 24, 2022.

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